School Name: SOS Children’s Village

Before we started the presentation we asked the children if any of the children had ever heard of the SDGs. Only one student knew about the Global goals and all the other students have never heard of them.
We started the program explaining what the SDGs were, the importance of them, how they will benefit us and the important roles each student had to play in order to promote them. We then continued by giving the children various different activities to do based on the SDGs.
There were 200 students, we visited children in grade 7 and 8. When the presentation was coming to a close we left SDGs informational posters  translated in Somali, so the children and teachers could read it.
This is the first school in Somaliland that has ever had a presentation like this focusing on the SDGs. We hope to continue until all schools and all Somalilanders know what the global goals are, with the understanding that each individual can do something to ensure goals are met.


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